Sunday, May 23, 2010

iPad Frenzy

At an Apple store workshop yesterday for my new iPad several people kept trying to unhand the instructor’s demo iPad as he taught! Wild! It was a bit unnerving as the instructor was explaining his one-to-one new information with me. Neither he nor I could believe how at least 10 people throughout the hour were literally reaching across the table, trying to pick up his iPad from under his hand. They wanted to play with it if he set it down for a second to help me. At least most of them were quick to apologize when he gently stated he was teaching a session and was using the iPad.

Granted, there is a huge learning curve for me, but the jury is still out as far as I’m concerned as to whether it will suit my needs. Instead of watching media, I plan to spend more time creating it, through text and pictures. Naturally, I had to order the added attachment thingie in order to put pictures directly into my iPad, and that will be sent to my home in another couple of weeks.

I’m practicing on the flat glass keyboard, but I seem to keep touching the sensitive screen as I try to type. I’m spending more time trying to undo what I type! So much for my 10 grade typing class…my former teacher is probably somewhere rolling her eyes at me!

So…I perservere. Yesterday I downloaded a few apps, like Hootsuite, Twitter, Facebook, Linked in, and iBooks. Guess what? They don’t have as many features as what I’ve already set up on my own computer at home, yet. Today, my plan is to see if I can incorporate some of the email addresses I have into the iPad.

I’m keeping a positive attitude, but will the iPad with all its cool features be right for me?

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