Sunday, February 8, 2009

Following Leads on Facebook

If you are hesitant to peek into another person's Facebook page, guess what? There is a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips! So far this morning, I became friends with many people already established in the voice over industry. I realized that many of the names were affiliated with the wonderful podcasts I've listened to in It seems I just keep absorbing the info like a sponge. It's fascinating to hear not only the wisdom behind the expert's advice, but also the tone, inflection, and cadence of their delivery. Ah, but back to Facebook. I must admit, less than a month ago, I was reluctant to add anyone I didn't know in real-life. My first requests went out to my three sons, ages 24, 23, and 15. First, I must say, I think they were shocked that their mother even knew how to access Facebook, let alone create a fan page! After they each joined, my next helpful online friend became Trish Basanyi. She has been my mentor/coach from Such a Voice, a company that not only produces first rate voice reels, but also provides support from a courteous, knowledgeable staff and bi-monthly teleconferences. I am grateful for the day Dan Levine, owner and producer at Such A Voice, listened to my voice, and sent me on a different career path! The last tip I wanted to share today is the awesome royalty free music library I came across from a new Facebook friend, Kathleen Keesling. She recommended Mark Lewis's Partner's in Rhyme, Royalty Free Music. She recommended a great site! I just went to the site, and was astounded by the collection of music and sound effects. I joined the group, and became their Twitter fan. I envision I'll visit the site often, and I hope you'll check it out! Royalty Free Music and Sound Effects. Download the music and sound effects you need for your multimedia project today at Partners In Rhyme.

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