Monday, February 16, 2009

Life Unlimited

At the beginning of 2009, I truly had not begun to market my voice over career. You see, I had a full-time career in education, and I felt to do that job well, I couldn't start voice overs part time until summer. It turned out that two whole summers slipped by! Amazingly, real life kept intruding on my time as a wife and mother, and I felt my family obligations were stopping me from moving forward with VO work. For one and a half years, I had spent a great deal of time and money getting voice over coaching through Such a Voice Productions , purchasing ProTools software and studio equipment, had a professionally made demo, participated in bi-monthly teleconferences, and made contacts in the real world, the old-fashioned way. When the fall of '08 rolled around, for the first time in 31 years, I was no longer in an elementary classroom. What a feeling to be able to meet-up with friends and neighbors for lunch, dinner, and movies! It didn't take more than a month to realize I wanted more substance in my day. All that changed when I received an email from the production company I had worked with that a mentor program was going to be offered with top-notch voice coaches/mentors/entrepreneurs. I was assigned to marketing guru and voice over talent, Trish Basanyi. So within a couple short months of our contacting each other on Skype and webcam, I've learned so much about getting my name out there on the internet! What good it it to be able to offer a service if no one knows about it? To that end, I've joined many organizations relating to my current career that you can find on my "Contact" page. VoiceOverXtra and Voiceover Universe are two such support sites with interesting articles and upcoming events posted. Continuing to learn from the experts established on those sites are an invaluable resource! Suddenly, instead of me asking to become a friend on Facebook or Linked In, other people are now contacting me! It's an honor to get the requests, and know that others value you and your work. Just this morning, I was happy to see I received a recommendation from a former principal of mine that is currently the Cluster I Director in Fairfax County, Virginia. Yet another recommendation just came in from a member of the Such A Voice team as I wrote today's blog! I marvel at how many contacts I've made in the virtual world! I feel as though I've pushed through the roadblocks that were preventing me from marketing my work. It's wonderful how working with a mentor has made such a huge impact on my career! The most amazing aspect to this business is how time evaporates when I am recording and producing a voice over! According to my youngest son, he told me yesterday that time only stands still only when you are enjoying yourself! Such a wise observation from a 15 year old! As I move forward into this new career, I continue to audition with a positive spirit, and hope for bright future in voice overs. You can follow me on for real-life updates! Why not let me know how your voice over career is going for you?

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