Friday, February 6, 2009

Learning in the 21st Century

I've established a workable morning routine! It seems I breakfast with my family, then head into the studio after my son leaves for high school. With my morning tea, I read my several sets of emails, and check two different websites that send me auditions (not to mention checking my Facebook, Linked in, My Space,and Twitter sites). Since I needed to respond to several auditions this morning from Voices 123, I finished several dry voice recordings, edited with ProTools software, and submitted the completed auditions over the internet. If there had been no auditions, I had another game plan. By joining, I was sent a small library of royalty-free music. I wanted to hear each song, then create another demo with music! What fun! But then I remembered that I was also able to listen to podcasts by the same company that had expert advice for many aspects of the VO business. Soooooo, before I could create a demo, I really wanted to hear from other experts. I try to learn from archived articles daily. I highly recommend taking the time to not only further your own career, but to listen to the wisdom of other voice over talents that have established a reputation for quality work in the industry. I'll continue this pattern until I reach the end of the podcasts for this site. Then, there are many more podcasts out there on other websites. In other words, I will never be done with learning! (It must be the former teacher in me that truly feels that learning new things is just as important as doing them!) There was a downloaded ebook (again from the same company) that had great info in regards to promoting a voice over career that I was reading today on my computer. I was completely engrossed today in learning new aspects of this business; I did not leave my studio until almost dark! I realized that my source for all this refreshing learning came straight from being connected to the outside world via the internet. Isn't it amazing how time can fly by so quickly when you're so thoroughly enjoying learning, creating, and producing. I wonder what other VO artists' routines are like? I'd love to find out about your schedule!

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